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Product Review:
The American Equity IncomeShield10

The minimum investment in IncomeShield 10 is $5,000. Its annual fee is 1.1%, marginally higher than most competitors. The current interest rates are guaranteed and locked in over the annuity’s 10-year contract.

Previous Product Reviews

Product Review:
CL Tarrant Trail

CL Life is offering a traditional fixed annuity – an annuity distinct from a MYGA – that has a reasonably good chance of faring better than any MYGA in coming years. Learn more.

Product Review:
Athene Accumulator 10

Athene is offering its single most compelling deal in years on Athene Accumulator 10. Here’s why you don’t want to sleep on this deal.

Product Review:
Midland National IncomeVantage Pro

The Midland National IncomeVantage Pro is the best of both worlds, combining both growth and income in one package. A Hybrid FIA That Combines the Best of Growth and Income FIAs A lot can be said for fixed income annuities …

Product Review:
Midland National Summit Navigate 7

The Midland National Summit Navigate 7 is, in large part, a combination of a growth FIA and a plain vanilla fixed annuity. One FIA Today Takes a Novel Approach Arguably Better Suited for the Times If you like annuities, the …

Product Review | Athene Amplify 2.0

Amplify 2.0 is a six-year investment, but its owners can invest for one or two years at a time, if they so choose, in some of its index offerings, including the S&P 500. Amplify 2.0 gives owners some downside market …

Product Review | United Life Legacy Accel Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policy

Legacy Accel is fundamentally a generous cash alternative capable of generating up to about 7.5% a year by investing in a low volatility index or the S&P 500, based on its performance over the last five years. United Life’s Legacy …

Product Review | Guggenheim Highlander 7 Fixed Index Growth Annuity

The Guggenheim Highlander 7 is a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) with a generous participation rate that may fit the bill for savvy investors, who are looking for safe bond alternatives, especially if they bundle its diverse offerings. If You’re Shopping …

Product Review:
Athene AccuMax 7 Fixed Index Growth Annuity

Athene AccuMax 7 – a super-simple growth FIA with no bells and whistles that offers a 50% participation rate in the S&P 500 over seven years, if you invest at least $100,000. This Growth FIA May Be the Answer for …

Product Review:
Midland National RetireVantage®10 Growth Fixed Index Annuity

Here you have an annuity that can potentially beat many stock funds over its 10-year life. And, unlike stock funds, you don’t have to sweat out the bad times because you are protected from losses. Here’s a Fixed Index Annuity …

Product Review:
Brighthouse SecureAdvantage 6 Fixed Index Annuity

There are a few scattered bright spots and one of them is Brighthouse SecureAdvantage 6, a relatively new fixed indexed annuity that is unlike virtually every other FIA. Brighthouse SecureAdvantage 6 Is Markedly Different From Other FIAs – And That’s …

Product Review: Athene Amplify

Athene Amplify offers buyers both “buffers” and “floors”, investors can pick one or the other with different levels of protection or combine them. A buffer – a 10% buffer is most common – protects investors from the first 10 percentage …

Product Review:
Security Benefit Strategic Growth

Prospective annuity buyers might be interested because Security Benefit Strategic Growth is more generous than most growth FIAs – it offers a 50% participation rate on the S&P 500, compared to 40% to 45% participation rates among most others. Security …

Product Review:
Athene Ascent Pro 10

In effect a hybrid of a growth FIA and an income FIA, the Athene Ascent Pro 10 offers a stronger chance to beat the going guaranteed rate by doubling annual gains in the index and adding them to the annuity’s …

Product Review:
AXA Structured Capital Strategies PLUS

“This product offers more upside potential than FIAs with only limited downside risk,” says one annuity watcher familiar with the product. “If you do not need 100% downside protection, you could get much more upside potential with this product.” By …

Product Review: AXA Retirement Cornerstone Variable Annuity

With the AXA Retirement Cornerstone VA, you can choose from 20 accounts managed by 10 investment management companies, mostly balanced funds, and invest up to 80% in the stock market in all of them. This is particularly attractive to younger …

Product Review:
Fidelity & Guaranty Safe Income Plus 10

F&G’s payout rate is a whopping 12.47% – more than the average annual gains of the S&P 500, including dividend reinvestment. Remember that this income payout is guaranteed, so payments continue until death, regardless of whether the annuity’s principal is …

Product Review: | Nationwide New Heights 12 Fixed Index Annuity

“Most fixed annuities take from the left hand and give with the right hand. Nationwide New Heights gives with both hands, and that is unique.” Saving for retirement is hard enough, but another difficult challenge is making sure the money …

Product Review:
Athene Agility 7 & Athene Protector 5

Athene Agility 7 and Athene Protector 5 offer generous investment terms and at least one above-average benefit in addition to a truncated surrender period. Two Athene fixed indexed annuities (FIAs) – Athene Agility 7 and Athene Protector 5 – have …

Product Review:
Pacific Life Index Edge 5 Fixed Index Annuity &Pacific Life Index Dimensions 10 Fixed Index Annuity

Pacific Life offers a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) with an attractive and rare surrender period of only five years and another FIA that offers more generous terms in an otherwise standard product with a typical 10-year surrender period. Many FIAs …

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